When The Last Breath Comes To You — Will You Know You Truly Lived




Victor Over Victim. Orphaned at the age of fourteen, Genuine LifeInstitute President Sedrick A. Banks endured a violent upbringing and grew up in extreme poverty.

Leveraging his resilience and inner strength, renown motivational coach and speaker Sedrick defied the odds of assuming a victim role and instead rapidly rose within the U.S. Army ranks as an Instructor, Drill Sergeant, Career Advisor, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, and Airborne Ranger.

Wounded Vet Remains A Warrior. With eight deployments to combat areas under his belt, Sedrick woke up in a hospital bed to a doctor informing him that he needed surgery, but would still likely die or be paralyzed from the neck down, after suffering traumatic head, neck, shoulder, back, and hip injuries in a mortar attack in Iraq.

Defying the doctor’s prognosis and post-traumatic stress diagnosis, Sedrick endured a long and agonizing road to his psychological and physical recovery. As a combat veteran, he had to re-learn not only the basics of how to stand, walk, and run again, but also how to think, process information, and believe in his future.

Triumphant Over Trials. “The process of going through transition gave me better insight and perspective,” Sedrick shares. “The ‘Process of Progress’ helped me refine my teaching principles to motivate others to also stand up or stand back up to ‘Live Into Their Full Self’ and ‘Fulfill Their True Life Purpose.’”

“My True Life Purpose compels me to help people live healthy, joyful, productive full lives. Life is too short not to live fully,” Sedrick exclaims. “Life hits us with a lot of unexpected curveballs, but I am living proof that we all have the strength to get up and move forward. Yet, you don’t have to do it alone, which is why I created the Genuine LifeInstitute to demonstrate how I am here to help.”


Achievement Over Angst. For a span of over twenty-two years, we have designed intensely, interactive coaching and motivational programs, which focus on an Inside-Out vs. Outside-In Coaching Mindset approach that has helped many individuals, students, teachers, athletes, executives, and corporate groups ‘Live Into Their Full Self’ and ‘Fulfill Their True Life Purpose’.

Under Sedrick and our Genuine Life Team, we take great pride in:

  • Empowering people to understand and apply invaluable principles and concepts to establish a strong foundation of Self-Awareness;
  • Coaching people to build a robust and powerful structure to live a Full Life;
  • Motivating people to integrate intrinsic beliefs with behavior to Seek a Better Life and Act to attain Needs and Desires;
  • Sharing the essential skill sets for veterans and others to implement the necessary steps to fully satisfy their Processes, Plans, and Transformations;
  • Developing interpersonal and communication skills that will cultivate executives as leaders and problem solvers through our Genuine LifeInstitute Executive Coaching & Leadership Development Series;
  • Cultivating positive growth for high school, collegiate, and professional level athletic through our Genuine LifeInstitute Athlete Development Series;
  • Optimizing classroom performance levels by demonstrating life skill techniques to help students and faculty work together as a team through our Genuine LifeEducation Development Series.

Our personal growth books, seminars, coaching guidelines, SEDTALK.com coaching blog insights, online support, one-on-one coaching sessions, and exclusive live and interactive webinars are also available during your journey with us. As we find value in seeing those who have benefitted from our offerings, serve and encourage others to live into their ‘True Life Purpose,’ our imminent Genuine LifeInstitute Peer Series will help cultivate and foster mastermind peer ideals and goals.

If you…

  • Seek your True Life Purpose…
  • Feel you are searching or have searched to “Live Into Your Full Self’, but seem to go in circles…
  • Since you are allowing life to lead you to another empty place…It is time to participate in Genuine LifeInstitute’s innovative coaching system founded by someone like Sedrick who can not only relate but understand… has walked the walk and proves his mission to help you effectively implement steps to ‘Live Into Your Full Self’ and fulfill your ‘True Life Purpose.’

We can help you…you don’t have to go at it alone.

 “We all get hit; We all have the strength to get back up and move forward.”

We are also focused on helping and supporting Veterans. We believe through experience in the military (leadership, mentoring, coaching, counseling, and motivating Service Members are Veterans are better prepared to be Speak and Coach our young adults. Our company is working on raising the financial capital to provide Veterans an opportunity to attend a coaching training course and take their skill sets into our communities.

I believe our Veterans can serve our young adults in our schools (junior high, high schools, colleges and cooperate). Veterans can provide leadership, mentoring, coaching and motivational speaking to our new leaders.

I believe training our Veterans to provide Coaching, and Motivational Speaking to our transitioning young adults will enhance our communities and help establish our future leaders of tomorrow.

Motivational Speaking and Life Coaching are some of the best instruments we have in enhancing a person and supporting them to Live On Purpose and live their True Self.

“One Voice Can Make a Difference, Speak Up”